Be Healed! by Samuel O. Enyia

Be Healed!

Challenges and Triumphs of Health and Healing
by Samuel O. Enyia

Be Healed! answers the profound question why some people are healed and some are not by narrating the author’s and other people’s struggles with illness and how their experiences and amazing testimonies may help transform the lives of those currently challenged by health issues. As well, those who are engaged in the ministry of prayer and healing will find helpful tips and strategies that may enable them minister more effectively and efficiently to the sick.

In this book, the author answers the critics and comforts the faithful who earnestly questions the reality of divine healing today. “His unequivocal affirmation of the power of God to heal, while embracing God’s Sovereign right to employ varying methods or not to heal at all, is refreshing,” says Rev. Dr. Trunell D. Felder, Senior Pastor of the New Faith Baptist Church International.

With creatively articulated topics, this book derives compassion and faith in every page.

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